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Monday – to- Friday  8:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Each Inmate is eligible to receive two visits per week

Duration of visitation will not exceed twenty (20) minutes.


Authorized visitors will be the immediate family only.  Family members under the age of seventeen (17) will be allowed to visit when accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or legal counsel.

Any visitor that creates a disturbance during visitation will be asked to leave the visitation area.  If the visitor is a child, the parent, legal guardian or legal counsel will be required to leave also.

No prior inmate of this facility will be allowed to visit until 90 days after their release.

Authorized visitors will need some type of valid picture identification.

All authorized visitors must sign the Visitor’s Roster giving the following information:

  1. Name of inmate visiting.
  2. Name of visitor.
  3. Date of visit.
  4. Address of visitor.
  5. Relationship to inmate.
  6. Phone number of visitor.
  7. Identification number (driver’s license, state identification number, social security number, etc.)

Visit may be denied to any person if the visitor or inmate fails to comply with the visitation rules, or when there is reason to believe the visit may not be in the best interest of the security and welfare of the jail.

Visitors wishing to deposit money for the inmate will give the money to the jailer on duty.  The jailer on duty will deposit the money in the inmate’s trust account.  A receipt will be given to the visitor, and also the inmate.

Family and friends may load money to an Inmate trust account and purchase phone cards for this facility by visiting then selecting Texas, then Shackelford County Jail.

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